Top tips and important questions

“Make sure you have good quality anti-reflective coatings on your spectacle lenses If you don’t, the reflections from your glasses can ruin your wedding photos.

“Don’t wear transition or photochromic lenses on the day”  They are great most days of the year, but will spoil any wedding photo taken outside – they will go dark without you realising and will stand out like a sore thumb!

Here are some of the questions we will consider together, if you come for a styling consultation.

There’s no substitute for a personal styling consultation, but you might want to think in advance about the overall look and feel of your day and the way your eyewear will fit with that.  

What look are you going for? “Vintage, classic or contemporary?”  “Elegant and minimalist or bold and stylish”

“How about wearing glasses with a veil?” (There’s a few things to be aware of here, that we can guide you through)

What about the honeymoon?

Going somewhere sunny? Do you need some prescription sunglasses or prescription diving mask or prescription swimming goggles?

Plan ahead to avoid having to buy sunglasses in duty-free, where there’s no professional advice about fitting and styling. You want to look cool in your shades and protect your eyes from the sun.

We can sort this all out for you too. It’s what we’re good at!

Here’s the thing!… We make choosing new glasses fun and enjoyable!  

And we love doing it, especially when we know what a difference getting it right can make to your Big Day!

We will consider with you what you need to see clearly on the special day and how you want to look, not just on the day but on the photos for years to come.

Please leave your details below and we will be in touch shortly.