Why use an Optician who specialises in Bridal Party Eyewear?

Excited or Overwhelmed?

The venue is finalised, the dress is chosen, the invitations have been designed!

You want to look your best on the day and you know that you really ought to get a new pair of glasses…. but, time is precious and confidence is key.  And it’s so hard to find a time to take someone to help you choose new glasses….

The last thing I want to do is trail around lots of busy opticians looking for my ideal frames. And I’ll need an eye examination. I’ll leave it for now and do it nearer the time….”
I could probably get through the day without my glasses, its only a bit blurry!”
Maybe I could get some contact lenses for the day. But I don’t know if I’ll manage them”

We understand!

We can help you out with contact lenses, but believe that for most people their spectacle frames can really crown off the look that they want for the special day! We can enhance your look and how you see the day.

Avoid the pitfalls and make it really work!

We have the skill and experience to show you what to avoid, what will work best for you and how the right eyewear can really enhance your big day.


The Answer!

A bridal party frame styling process that will leave you feeling confident about how you look in your glasses – whether you want to make your eyewear practically invisible or you want to choose something to boldly finish off your outfit.

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